When you think of print catalogs, are “outdated” and “obsolete” some of the first words that come to mind? Prepare to be surprised! Print catalogs are widely used by consumers 45 and older, and also by shoppers in their 20s and 30s. In contrast to navigating websites, catalogs are simple to browse through. All a shopper has to do is sit back and turn a page, instead of contending with browser speed and pop-up ads. Your catalog printing experts at Park Press have compiled a list of catalogs from popular stores that are certain to be useful this holiday season. Be sure to check out:

  • Best Buy
Do you have gamers in the family, or perhaps someone who could use a new TV? Best Buy sells the latest electronics, so be sure to scour print catalogs for great deals!
  • Macy’s
You can find just about everything you need at Macy’s. Browse holiday catalogs to find bargains on clothes, jewelry, appliances, home furnishings, and more.
  • Sports Authority
Have a runner or a winter sports enthusiast in the family? Be sure to browse Sports Authority’s weekly catalog for discounts.
  • Toys”R”Us
Toys”R”Us has everything you need to give the rug rat in your life a fantastic holiday! Take some time to flip through and find an amazing offer before ordering online.

There’s no doubt about it: catalogs are a shopping must-have that will simplify the busy days and weeks of your holiday rush. Looking to print a catalog for your business? Park Press is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our quality custom catalog printing services.