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Though our newspaper presses are highly technical; the physical limitations of high speed printing on newsprint results in color alignment variations. Park Press specifications allow for variation of 8 thousands (.008") of an inch (1/128").

Yes, we can add color to every page for additional cost. Sometimes adding color throughout requires printing your publication in multiple sections and additional bindery work to staple and finish trim.

Spot color is a single color added to the printed page. Since converting our presses to full color, all color is now printed CMYK.

Yes, however color positions are in a standard formation since a printing unit prints 8 pages of color at the same time. Please call (888) 593-3154 for color details.

Yes, but keep in mind the ink may rub off on facing pages (and your hands).

If you repeat a standard color on every page there will be a slight but noticeable variation as exact color matching can't be guaranteed.

Blacks should be 100% black (K) only, whether for text or solids; the use of 'rich black' is not recommended since the paper cannot absorb that amount of ink. Rich black graphics result in excessive smearing on neighboring pages.

CMYK stands for the 4 inks used in color printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. These colors are separated and recombined during printing to reproduce color photos and graphics.


Newsprint is environmentally friendly due to the non-coated surface. We use soy inks which are also friendly to the environment.


We work with many readily available graphic design software - Adobe, Quark, Microsoft as well as others. Print-Ready PDF's are the best way to send us your files.

This is possible, but adds a level of complexity including font and graphics issues. Please call us at (888) 593-3154 to discuss your project.

If files are in PDF form and under 2MB each, they can be emailed to Larger files can be sent through our upload page.

Normal files take a few minutes to upload. Large files will take a long time to transfer and can cause problems. If your PDF is larger than 30MB, you’re probably sending us higher quality images than we need. Limit the image resolution to 150dpi, set the quality to high or medium, and try uploading it again.

If your software supports it, please use the PDF X1a/2001 preset – that covers most of our requirements. Make sure your PDF is set exactly to the finished printed paper size, with 3/8” white margins. • Embed all fonts and images.
• Use CMYK colors.
• Include the full page area, including the margins.
• Do not include any crop, bleed or registration marks.
• Set up as single pages in page order (front page first, back page last), not spreads.
• Save to PDF Version 1.4 or lower.


We are conveniently located in Chicago Southland, 1/2 miles from I-80 & I-94 expressways. Our address is Park Press, 930 E. 162nd Street, South Holland, IL 60473.

Yes, we are always open for school groups and community organizations. Just call to set up your appointment.


Yes, we offer full mailing services including lists purchasing, list maintenance, inkjet addressing, sorting and preparing it for delivery to the Post Office.

No, postage is calculated after the mailing list and publication is produced to find the best rates and discounts available.

Postage is paid by separate check made out to the USPS Postmaster and delivered to Park Press before publication is delivered to the post office.


A white margin width of not less than 3/8ths of an inch is recommended on all four sides of a page. These unprinted margins are needed because coldset presslines use nip rollers that pull the printing web through the press with very high pressure. These nip rollers are placed on these margins. If printing occurs in these margins then the roller pressure causes a substantial increase in set off and marking. The overall quality of the finished piece will look cleaner if this margin width guideline is followed.

A bleed is when ink 'bleeds' off the edge of the page. This will include a bindery step so call us at (888) 593-3154 to discuss your project.


Please call (888) 593-3154 or email our Sales Department at to place your order.

Mail to: Park Press
930 E. 162nd Street
South Holland IL 60473
or call us for credit card payment.

Page Layout

When designing a publication or any print project, page size and print margins are especially important to limit time and cost going into the print process. Of special note should be the use of bleeds; these are not always possible and should be discussed with the sales person furnishing the quote.


Pages are defined like those in a numbered book, catalog or newspaper. They are the readable panels where the outside cover is page 1, the inside cover page 2 and so on to the end of the publication. Sheets are defined as the physical sheets of paper used during printing that have at least 2 pages (1 per side) and most often 4 pages per sheet. Since Park Press prints from continuous rolls of paper we prefer to use “pages” to describe the final product.

The only 2 page spread that is printed on the same sheet of paper, normally found in the center of the publication. In some catalogs the centerspread is "off" center. This occurs if catalogs sections are printed as 12, 20, or 28 page sections.

2 pages side by side, like an open book, catalog or newspaper.


We offer the following varieties of paper:
Roll paper
1. Newsprint - 30 lb.
2. Prime Newsprint - 35 lb.
3. White Offset - 50 lb and 60 lb.
Sheet paper
1. Gloss Text - 80 lb. & 100 lb.
2. Gloss Cover - 100 lb.


Photos can be CMYK or RGB; it is not necessary to convert. Tiffs, EPS, and PSDs @ 300dpi are industry standards. Generally pictures can be brightened 10% and contrast reduced 10%. Our process adds 10% density and contrast back to the pictures during printing.


Go to to use our online price calculator.

Yes, a custom quote can be prepared based on your specifications sent via email to

You can visit for an instant quote or call us at (888) 593-3154.


Web offset printing is the most economical method of printing since our presses print and fold many pages at once. Your publication can be delivered from our high speed web offset presses ready for distribution.

Type smaller than 10 points should not be reversed on a four-color background and type smaller than 6 points should not even be reversed on a single-color background. For contrast and readability, reverse type should not be positioned within screened areas containing less than a 70% screen of any one, two, three, or four colors. Type should not be reversed on a yellow or other light-colored background. These guidelines also apply to lines that are 2 points or thinner.

To assure readability of rules and type that are overprinted on a tint background, the tint background should be no more than 25%. Tints will reproduce darker on press than on a display monitor or on most proofing systems. It may be possible to specify higher tint values when using mainly magenta or yellow tints. The originator of the files should consult with Park Press about tints before creating the file. The background should not be knocked out in areas of 8 points or less. Tints or color builds should be adjusted to take dot gain/TVI of 15% into account.

Rule lines that are 2 points or thinner should be reproduced as one color only.


The minimum order for newsprint publications is 200 copies. There is no maximum.


UPS is used for standard orders in cartons. Delivery by truck is available for skids.

We print and ship newspapers nationwide. Our standard turnaround is from 3 to 5 days. Please call for your newspaper turnaround time at (888) 593-3154.


When reproducing text as a screen percentage of a solid color, avoid type styles with serifs or with a fine to medium weight. Generally, text screened at 80% or more will reproduce as a solid. Consider the effect on legibility before attempting to screen type as a light screen tint.

Small type should be reproduced as one color only. Small type is defined as:

  • Sans-serif type that is 4 points or less
  • Serif type that is 8 points or less
  • Fine-serif type, such as Bodoni, 10 points or less

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Your printing services are wonderful. It is a pleasure to work with you. Your staff is always helpful and polite, very rare in business these days. I highly recommend your company to anyone who needs printing services.

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