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At Park Press, all of our services are focused on making your life easier. Here you can upload your file(s) any time. Because maintaining your confidentiality is important to us, we will never share the nature of your file uploads with any third parties.

File uploader supports Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 38+, Firefox 28+ and Safari 6+
  • Use image resolution of 150-300 dpi
  • Convert colors to CMYK
  • Save file as a multiple page PDF-X

Park Press upload tip: Save time by grouping multiple files into one folder, then compressing the folder with the use of compression software (ZIP or SIT, etc). Depending on the size of your file and Internet connection, the upload may take a few minutes.

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Please call 800-853-7275 if you experience any difficulty with your upload.

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Your printing services are wonderful. It is a pleasure to work with you. Your staff is always helpful and polite, very rare in business these days. I highly recommend your company to anyone who needs printing services.